word play




Make a list of all the words that come to mind as you look at this photo.

Now, combine two words to make a new word. Here is an example:


+ flowers

= frienders

Now you try.



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another name

Thank you for the puppy name suggestions!

Here are the suggestions: Rocky, Woof, Danny Boy, Chloe, George, Bruce, Bishop, Hickory, James, Harvey, Louis. Bond… James Bond. Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, John Wayne, Mr. Fluffykins, O’Neil, Shaemus (Shae for short), Hasselhoff (just no), Lord Voldemort, Bilbo Baggins, McTavish, Fluffy McFuzzleface, more votes for Bond, Shae, Donut, Bingo, Prince, Trig, Dan, Jimmie.

Finally, after three days and trying out three names, (Shae, Bo, and Bond), we gave up and my son named our puppy Luke. It fits. My son discovered the name after searching his feelings.

He had a stuffed puppy named Luke when he was little. Now, in his very own Velveteen Rabbit tale, his puppy has come to life!

Luke the Sheltie

The two Shelties are getting along fantastic.

+   +   +

What do you call those amazing lights in the photo below? Officially, they are called Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis. Can you come up with a unique name? If you can guess what I call them in my new picture book, Winter North Coming, I’ll post it online.


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