Fiction · writing prompts



Think of a story or article you have recently read. Think about how the piece was written from a particular Point of View.

Now, re-write the piece from another point of view.

Using the photo above, you could write from the woman’s point of view: how she met the guy, why they’ve taken this trip, and how she’s feeling and thinking about all of this.

Next write the scene from the guy’s point of view. How does he feel about her? What are his hopes?


Did you think of this as a romance?

What if the man is her father or long-lost brother and she’s just met him?

The possibilities are endless.

Things to keep in mind with the point of view:

  • Imagine you (as the writer) are inside the mind of just the one character at a time. No jumping around. You also cannot say things or write down things unless they are what the character would think and feel.
  • When switching points of view, there must be some sort of break like a new scene or chapter. If the change of POV is only the speaker in a¬†conversation, ¬†a new line will do.

Now write something.

Have fun!