dreams · writing prompts


I don’t know about you, but I have had some interesting dreams in the past. Some are silly, some are wild and fun, and others a little bit frightening.

Something I experienced repeatedly as a child, was trying to run in dreams in order to flee, and feeling as if I were stuck in a mud puddle. It caused some distress and I thought about the problem.

I did actually get stuck in a mud puddle as a child. I was wearing rubber boots, and I decided to walk through a large puddle in our country yard near Stoney Creek, Ontario, and see just how deep the puddle was. I got as far as the very top edge of my boots, and I decided I should stop. I stood and contemplated my options. I decided I had better back out, or else I would catch it for coming inside with muddy legs and such. At this point, I realized my boots were stuck in the mud. I could not budge. I am not sure how long I stood there, or how much of a ruckus I made, but eventually, a kind construction worker, from the crew widening Barton Street, scooped me up and out of my boots and set me on dry ground. It took some time before the puddle dried up and I was able to retrieve my boots, but my point is that I completely understand how it feels to be stuck in one place.

So, back to dreams–

As I grew older, it occurred to me that I could do anything I liked in my dreams because they are like made-up stories. Just before falling asleep, I would think about this. I would plan to run fast and far. Surprisingly, it worked! I could outrun anyone; I could slide down railings and flee from anything; I could even fly!

Imagine you are in a dream world. Grant yourself super-abilities and see what happens.


i m a g i n e .                                  w r i t e .                                s h a r e    y o u r    w o r k .