Dorothy knew she was a writer at a young age. Her mother took her to the library on Saturdays which is where she came to love books. But it was in her school library, as a kindergartener, where she decided she would like to be a writer. Her first love was writing picture books. As a teen, she began to write short stories and poetry, and she wrote reams and reams and reams of poetry. She also began to experiment with novel writing.

She began being published with non-fiction articles and columns, and she produced newsletters, magazines, website and blog content, and social media feed for non-profits. After a while, she realized that it did not satisfy her heart, so she returned to her first loves– picture books, poetry, short stories, and novel writing. She submitted her first picture book manuscript to an agent in the twelfth -grade, but it took many years for one to be accepted for publication with Fitzhenry & Whiteside in Toronto. It was a poem she’d written for a poetry contest.

She imagined Summer North Coming in 2015 and it was one of the winners of the Words In Motion Poetry Contest held by the Arts Department of the Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which is way up north in Canada’s sub-arctic region. You can find it by zig-zagging north-east on the Alberta map until you get just past Grassland. Then you take a hard left and drive for another million years; but you must stop before you get to Wood Buffalo National Park. If you see a sign for that, you’ve gone too far.

Soon after, she decided it would be enjoyable to learn about poetry and novels at university in order to become a better writer. She found it isn’t fun; it is a lot of hard work, but most things that are valuable to know are hard work. She has been going to school (mostly virtually) ever since. While she loves being challenged to expand her reading tastes and hone her analytical writing skills, she hopes she won’t misplace her freewheeling creativity while un-dangling modifiers and un-splicing commas.

Her advice to writers is this:

  1. write
  2. don’t give up

You may reach Dorothy by emailing her at editor.bentley@gmail.com

Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram




smiling poet
photo by Rachel*Ellen photography


Read about Dorothy in this article created by Arts Council Wood Buffalo: Snapd Wood Buffalo


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