Dorothy has known she is a writer from a young age.

She enjoyed writing stories and poetry throughout school and beyond.

She began her first novel in the eleventh grade, and submitted her first picture book to an agent a year later. Her first novel to make it past the first stage of submission was about five years later.

After spending many years focused primarily on creative (and not very creative) non-fiction as a freelance writer, she is returning to her love of fiction and poetry. (She thought she had forgotten how to be a poet, but is having great fun with it.) Her first picture book is due to be published in 2018. Its twin will be published soon after.


personal stuff

Dorothy has been married for a quick-long time to a wonderful guy who taught her how to fish. (He even cleans them!) Together, they have three children: one girl and two boys who they homeschooled for many years in the north, reading picture books and novels aloud by their wood stove. (Unless it was summer. Or they were in a different room. Or they were camping. Or sitting by a lake somewhere. She took books everywhere, I’m afraid.) She enjoyed walking, swimming, arts & crafts, and fishing in northern Alberta with her family and friends.

Dorothy is learning to hike (she tries not to complain), and kayak (if only she could lift a kayak herself) in southern Alberta, where she also dabbles in acrylic painting. She sometimes rides her touring peddle-bike, enjoys swimming outside, and finds beauty in every season.

O’Malley the Sheltie (crazy gremlin dog, who likes to eat the fuzz off her slippers), Stubbs (the Bearded Dragon), and Luke (another Sheltie), keep her company while writing. She is currently an undergraduate student of English Literature.


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. – Aristotle



As a freelance writer, Dorothy enjoyed publication in media within Alberta and elsewhere.

Past credits (1997 to 2017) are as follows.

NorthWord Literary Journal, Fort McMurray Today Saturday edition (7yrs), Snapd Woodbuffalo (2 1/2 yrs), The Connect, Birth Issues, The Body Builder magazine (2 1/2 yrs), Country Register, Readers’​ Digest (Canada), HomeLearning Canada, McMurray Child, Living Light News, Free To Learn (7 yrs), Speak Easy.

“Muscle And Heart Fort McMurray Fire Stories” is a collaborative narrative non-fiction book produced as a fundraiser and vehicle for healing from trauma. It was featured by the following news outlets (2017).

CTV Primetime Edmonton (TV newsmagazine), Okotoks Online (web) and The Eagle 100.9, Sun Country 99.7, The Western Wheel, Fort McMurray Today newspaper, and YMM Magazine.

Blogs which she has managed.

OrganizedLife, Buttons And Good Looks, The Random Life of a Dreamer, The Pot Scrubber’s Journal.

You may reach Dorothy regarding writing through the contact page.


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