Dorothy has known she is a writer from a young age. Her mother took her to the library every Saturday, and whenever she opened a book, she would fall inside and join the story. She has enjoyed writing stories and poetry ever since.

personal stuff

Dorothy has been married for a quick-long time to a wonderful guy who taught her how to fish. He also introduced her to some fun stories such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. [Try reading those while listening to flute music.] Together they have three children: one girl and two boys.

They read all sorts of books aloud. She takes books everywhere, I’m afraid. Stories, true and embellished, are a part of their lives. They also walk often on woodsy trails, swim outside, have learned to ski, and create art, all usually with a book close by, just in case. [Reading by a roaring fireplace, as Bilbo Baggins would have done, is a lovely way to spend time at a ski lodge when one feels more like an icicle than a human bean.]

As for puppies, two live at Dorothy’s home. They are O’Malley and Luke, both Shelties. They play well together, although O’Malley gets testy with his little brother at times. Luke is a head taller; he is a gangly little brother who is incredibly good-natured. Both pups are wary of the resident Bearded Dragon lizard who rules the house like a miniature Godzilla. Her name is Stubbs, and she is friendly to humans.



O'Malley & Luke
O’Malley and Luke



Dorothy loves learning. She is currently studying English Literature at a university in Calgary, where she is challenged by the clever and accomplished professors to improve her writing, as well as broaden her reading tastes.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. – Aristotle


You may reach Dorothy through the Contact page.


Kananaskis, Alberta, 2014


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