The Social Dilemma, Netflix Film

This documentary is a must-watch film about how the tech industry has shifted from “tool-based” technology to “manipulation-based” technology, encouraging and utilizing addictive behaviours. They not only compile extensive data on people’s behaviours, but they mainly make money by encouraging an increase of your usage and trading in “human futures.” In short, they are able to manipulate all of us, the greater society. The online world takes over a person’s self-worth and identity.

A major problem today is that Gen Zs have significant social and emotional problems for engaging in social media heavily, as do other heavy online users.

Another big problem is that foreign countries work to polarize and destabilize our democracies by causing in-fighting. We, as a society, need to push back.

But what will it take? What will the cost be to our kids and our society before better laws are in place about the uses and abuses of social media?

A few actionable items: turn off all notifications. Don’t click on ads and rabbit holes on controversial topics online. Delete social media and email apps from your phone and set a time limit for yourself to be online. To avoid being polarized, read news from beyond your typical sources and follow/listen to opposing views.

This film is recommended.

*Keep in mind that Tristin Harris may be working for Facebook and advocating for a paid version where people can drive their own feed better. Watch This.

A free YouTube related talk is Here.


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