Winning Chance, by Katherine Koller

Katherine Koller has written a vivid and compelling collection of short stories set in various locations within Alberta. Each of the vignettes, like acts of a play, puts the off-beat characters centre-stage in their complex social struggles, from a mother with a baby who fails to thrive and retired lovers wanting to travel, to a differently abled young man dangerously learning to navigate his precarious life when the most important people in his life cease to be. All of these scenes present sense of place palpably, with rapid dialogue which lives in the boroughs of Edmonton and small town Alberta.

No matter the desperation of each main character’s plight, Koller scripts a second chance for them. The honest realism, which tempts the reader to look away from difficult topics, is offered-up with optimism–a striking combination, like a salty and sweet treat.

In these troubling times, it is a surprising and refreshing read.

Recommended for youth and adults.

A Canadian Read.






Read more about Katherine Koller and her work on her website by clicking here.

Watch her interview on YouTube by yours truly, funded by a generous grant from the Rozsa Foundation, powered by The Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

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